Our ideation process relaunching in 2019 includes 8 key steps from identifying your idea until founding your company.


The only requirement for this process is to have a great idea! If you have one already, don't hesitate and start your journey with us.


your idea

in FOUR months


One of the most important criteria in the beginning of the ideation process is to identify the core values of your idea.


Your customers endorse your values and we will identify the ones which makes your idea the greatest out there.



The second step includes all important factors for building the basis of your business. From the market analysis to the competition and financial projection: We cover them all with you.


The best way to test your business idea is to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Unlike a prototype, an MVP has already the core features of your product or service and to test it with a real audience. It enables you to interact with your customers while providing them your product – and most importantly you get feedback to improve it! Let's build it together.


This the step is focusing on Marketing and Sales strategies. After the coaching you will be able to enhance your business by using innovative marketing hacks and great online tools.


What is the best way to review your business idea? Well, we think to should be able to pitch it in front of your customers, investors or anybody else. Therefor, we will make sure that you know the most important pitching skills and presentation techniques to rule every pitch.


The final step of your journey with us will not only conclude in saying "congratulations"! You have passed all necessary steps for completing your business idea and it is ready to go live. We will identify the best possible company form for your business idea and help you to set it up.

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