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FAQ (Startup Academy)

Startup Academy

The Startup Academy contains several workshops in a set time frame.  Application deadlines and information will be communicated through our newsletter or any other official communication channel.


Each workshop in the Startup Academy runs for around 2 hours (online!) and takes place in the afternoon/evening.


In this way we want to ensure a diverse group of participants. The workshops are held by the team of BERLIN STARTUP SCHOOL and are facilitated by professional coaches and experienced entrepreneurs.


To ensure that the Startup Academy is the right fit for you we have created an application process. In addition to that it gives us the possibility to align expectations and tell you more about the 3 months journey.


The Startup Academy is free of charge.


To apply for the Startup Academy you need an idea that you want to realize. If you don't have an idea yet but you want to join the Startup Academy, please get in touch with our team by filling out the contact form.

Number of Participants

The number of teams in each batch of the Startup Academy can be different. Regardless of this, we aim to support everybody equally.


Each team or solopreneur in our Startup Academy will get access to our network of mentors and experienced entrepreneurs.

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