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Our Vision & Mission

Imagine a world in which all people have the same opportunities and the knowledge to unlock their full potential – regardless of their gender, race, origin or social status.


We support, educate and connect the next generation of entrepreneurs to form a diverse and mindful startup community.

How it all began

What is today called BERLIN STARTUP SCHOOL started as a side project of Entrepreneurship students at SRH Hochschule Berlin in 2018 who wanted to help people realize their ideas. Equipped with a lot of experience in the startup field and years of entrepreneurial research they created a startup program to guide entrepreneurs from idea to founding a company – until today referred to as "Startup Academy".


On their way they have helped students and employees to build up dozens of businesses or to improve already existing ones. By now they are offering different programs including an Accelerator and individual Coaching.

In the meantime, many coaches and experienced founders have joined the movement. Would you like to join us, too?

The Visionaries


Constantin Schmutzler

Founder & Managing Director



Matt Wichmann

Strategical advisor,

Co-founder of Vereinte Talente


Michael Dawart


Co-founder of Vereinte Talente

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