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We are happy if you spread the word about our programs. For each referral you will receive a reward (100 € 💶 or Voucher 💳) and, depending on the program, the participant benefits from a discount.

How to recommend somebody

Only 3 steps until you receive a reward: 


Do you know somebody who has a great idea and should start developing it with us?


Send them our way and let them apply for the Startup Academy or Accelerator.


When they get invited for an interview we will ask them if they applied through a recommendation.


Please make sure they state your full name. (And for the Startup Academy they will even receive a 10% discount on their tuition fees.)

Startup Academy: If they get selected and pass the second week you will receive the reward.


Accelerator: If they get selected and have completed the Accelerator you will receive the reward.

You can choose between a commission (100 € incl. VAT) or an equivalent voucher (B-Card, Minga Card or Amazon). Our team will get back to you as soon as are eligible to redeem the rewards.

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