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We accompany entrepreneurs on their journey through the most important steps from idea to founding a company and beyond.


If you're looking for guidance along the way, our Startup Mentoring is the perfect fit for you. In addition to the monthly (or bi-weekly) sessions, we also connect you with the right people so your network keeps growing.

Our goal is to support you on a personal and business level. So that you can constantly develop yourself.

A companion on your way

The core features of the Startup Mentoring:

Mentor Matching

Monthly (90 Minutes) or

bi-weekly (45 Minutes)

+ Progress Tracking


+ Network

with an affordable Price of 300 € (3 months)

Let us know a little bit about yourself and we will find the best possible Startup Mentor in our network. He or she will accompany you for the period of your Startup Mentoring.

Choose between monthly (90 minutes) or bi-weekly (45 minutes) meetings.

You can change the frequency of the mentoring on a monthly basis to adjust it to your current needs

Follow-ups, challenges or other agreements can be tracked in a tool that both the mentor and the entrepreneur can use (optional).

Beyond the mentoring we will connect you to coaches and experienced founders in our network to support you on your journey.


As a social enterprise we are always trying to find the best possible balance between covering the costs and offering the service as affordable as possible. This is why we can offer you the Startup Mentoring for 300 € for 3 months (or 100 € monthly, net prices).

The process

4 steps from your submission to the Startup Mentoring:






Submit your inquiry for the Startup Mentoring

After reviewing your submission we will get back to you

We search for suitable mentors in our network

We suggest at least one suitable mentor and you can choose if it is the right fit

Your mentor will accompany you on your journey

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