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Asking feedback is a non-negotiable when building your startup

That's it. There are several ways to ask for feedback on your product/ service, some of which are more successful than others.

Let's face it - we've all been there: a) Filling tedious feedback forms that take forever (and perhaps make us give up halfway) or b) Trying to gather feedback that is actually helpful to better our product/service.

🎲 Gamification + Surveys = MetaSurvey

MetaSurvey is a survey generator that helps you gather feedback in a user-friendly and engaging way that helps to improve your idea, enhance sales, analyse your audience, and so on. From Tinder-style swipe cards to multiple choice options, MetaSurvey offers ten different features for creating surveys, all designed to meet your specific needs. In addition, they have the option to reward your customers with a promo code/ discount after the completion.

Check it out yourself.


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