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Bridge communication gaps with Loom

The ways how we work have been re-organized in the past two years. Gone are the days when we are expected to work side-by-side with our colleagues in the same physical setting. Instead, remote working and the blended model - spreading time between the office and home - have been introduced and embraced. Inevitably, working off-site has brought challenges within. That mainly concerns the communication aspect of the work, whether with our team members, clients, partners, or others. (Video) calls are a norm these days; nevertheless, sitting behind the computer to attend an endless amount of meetings is not an overly desirable option. There’s a significant number of tools out there that spread your energy and time and optimise the workflows. 🔍 Meet our latest discovery: Loom. Loom is a collaboration software and a video messaging tool that helps share your messages instantly via shareable videos. All you have to do is have your microphone, desktop and camera ready - all of which you can use simultaneously - to record yourself and your screen. After that, you can directly share the final video with others via a shareable link. It's a great way to introduce a new project or give feedback asynchronously.


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