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Meet the 6 new Startups of the Accelerator

They are here: the newest members of Berlin Startup School family. These six teams kicked off on July 1st, 2022 as part of the Accelerator.

Berlin Startup School Accelerator Batch 2

Throughout the six months, we will provide them strategic support, including coaching and mentorship, to advance the scaling of their innovative ideas and help them gain investor readiness.

🐒 Urban Monkeys Urban Monkeys reimagines city travel by personalising each travel experience based on the user's individual preferences.

Urban Monkeys (Irene Ternes & Paul von Berg)

🚙 Leih dir Mein Auto Leih dir Mein Auto enables car owners to easily and safely lend their cars to friends and neighbors via private carsharing communities.

Leih dir Mein Auto (Stephan Kochen)

POSE POSE is a disruptive technology that turns streamers into buyers by inspiring them to shop props and costumes from their favorite actors while streaming the show.

POSE (Ayrsin Kuran & Jüliz-Gülüzar Ritchie)

🤖 Kodex AI Kodex AI is building the number one responsible AI and business impact testing platform for regulated businesses. As a market entry product, they are stress testing credit scoring algorithms to uncover hidden reputational risks and boost revenue.

Kodex AI (Thomas Kaiser, Mariana Sosa Cordero & Claus Lang)

🏁 RaceMates Racemates creates limited and licensed NFT trading cards for racers, teams and car manufacturers; usable NFTs with references to the real performances.

RaceMates (Michael Sälzer & Duc Huy Bui)

NewClockCompany NewClockCompany is creating the first clock designed for kids. They enable and improve communication between children and parents about time-related issues providing a new tool for families to reduce arbitrariness and frustration in everyday life.

NewClockCompany (Johannes Puschmann, Buruc Inöntepe, Michel Pieczynski)

The Accelerator is backed by the European Social Fund (ESF), and the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises.


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