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We want to give entrepreneurs with great ideas the possibility to experience building up a company. Therefor, we are giving away different scholarships for our startup program.

They are suitable for entrepreneurs in residence as well as ideas that will make our world a better place.


You don't have an idea but you want to experience building up a company?


We provide entrepreneurs in residence with various ideas that they can realize within the framework of our 3-month startup program free of charge.

Startup Scholarships

Company Scholarship

A lot of young and fresh minds have great ideas but lack the financial resources to realize them. We invite you to support them by giving away a scholarship.

How does it work?​

You define the number of teams you want to support. Before each batch we invite the founders to apply for the scholarships and choose the most promising ones. On your behalf we will award the scholarships to the teams.

In return you will be exposed on our Kick-Off & Demo Day, get featured on our website and in all our media channels. But more importantly: You get early access to fresh ideas and have the possibility to accompany the teams from the very beginning including possible pilot projects.

Interested in supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs?

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