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Berlin has a new Accelerator - which also wants to turn founders into future-ready leaders

Press Release

Who doesn't know it: fast-growing startups whose white founding fathers quickly lose control of the employees and the money.

The new Startup Accelerator of Berlin Startup School wants to keep its founders away from such headlines. In 6 months, they are to be guided from prototype to "investor readiness", meaning ideally a successful pitch in front of investors. But more importantly, the topics of diversity and inclusion as well as leadership are also part of the program. Not as an option, but as a fixed component of the Accelerator. So it's not always just higher, faster and further, but above all more human and sustainable.

And in addition to the workshops, the founders receive equity-free funding. 2,000 € for up to three team members, seats in the co-working space, and a coaching or consulting budget on top.

And where is all the money coming from? The Berlin Senate is funding the project together with the European Social Fund. In this context, the Berlin Startup School is one of several funded institutions that will support founders over the next 18 months.

The only downside is that you have to be a team and, of course, live in Berlin.

And whether the startups of the Berlin Startup School will only make positive headlines? The first of three batches of the Accelerator starts in January.

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