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How to found a company (Week 12 in the Startup Academy)

Week 12 in the Startup Academy was dedicated to legal topics. This also included the steps to found a company and what to take care of when registering the company.

What did our future founders say about the pitch legal session?

"We got really amazing insights and links to some free tools available to check trademarks and get a non-disclosure form."

"The session was a quick input on easy-to-follow guidelines

on how to start a business and register it with keeping all legal matters in the vicinity."

"All teams had the opportunity to ask legal and final questions about the respective areas. Once again, we were given good advice for the future of our business ideas."

"The coach clearly presented the legal forms that exist and the special features of the individual legal forms. Among other things, the participants received information on the legal forms of OHG, GbR, GmbH and AG."

These quotes are from participants in the Startup Academy's Spring Batch 2022.

Thanks to our sponsor Wirtschaftsjunioren Berlin for offering several student scholarships to our participants.

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