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Online Marketing (Summary Live-Q&A)

This is a summary about the online Q&A with Berlin Startup School & Argo.Berlin on the 25th of March 2020.

About the search behaviour in quarantine (during "Corona"):

  • What are people searching for in the internet? Check out Google Trends to see what they are interest in the most.

  • People are often bored during quarantine. This can be a pro for companies (e.g. streaming video platforms!), but also a con (e.g. users are questioning certain purchasing behaviour – even if it's their own).

  • There is also a wave of reconnaissance: Which products are superfluous or have always been overpriced, where was trickery or even cheating?

  • People buy mostly essential products at the moment

How to analyze competitors:

  • With Moz you can analyse what keywords your competitors are using for SEA (Search Engine Advertising).

  • How do your competitors behave during the Corona crisis? If they have shut down or minimized operations it is your chance to make up ground.

  • Advice: Watch your competition closely!

Check out for upcoming webinars & live-q&a.


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