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We are introducing the "Solidarity Concept" to make Entrepreneurship Education available to more people.


This means cutting the prices by around 50-80% and offering special tickets for students. The first program that we will apply the concept to is the Startup Academy.

The Solidarity Concept is made possible by sponsors and partners, as well as an additional ticket category: Participants can convert their regular ticket into a Solidarity Ticket by donating an amount of their choice on top .

The Sponsorship Partners

Supporter Early 2022 


The Wirtschaftsjunioren Berlin e.V. are entrepreneurs and managers who are under 40 years old.


As the young and committed voice of Berlin's economy, they represent many different industries in start-ups, medium-sized businesses, and corporations, as well as individual companies.


With currently just under 180 members, the Berlin circle is one of the largest and most active of the more than 215 regional circles. Nationwide, the Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland have more than 10,000 honorary members.


Who would like to become a member with the Juniors, a loadable network of young entrepreneurs is offered. International contacts and the exchange on political topics are taken just as seriously as social commitment and personal development.

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